Specific Plan Amendment

Proposed Duarte Station Specific Plan Amendment

At the time of its preparation, the Duarte Station Specific Plan was written largely to accommodate office mixed-use development. In mid-2018, the City was approached by Woodward Aviation, one of the main landowners in the area, and informed that it desired to sell its building and property for future development.  The desired development for the property is an increase in the potential number of residential units and a decrease in the amount of potential office development.  To accomplish this, an amendment to the Specific Plan and a supplemental EIR are needed.  In late 2018, the City hired MIG as a consultant to complete the necessary work.  The City and the prospective developer, MJW Investments, have met with all property owners in the specific plan area including discussions with Metro about incorporating its parking area into a larger, more dense project. In addition, the Specific Plan Amendment provides additional flexibility regarding ultimate build-out to better react to evolving market conditions.

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Proposed Early Phase Development

The early phases of project development include three buildings that will be built by up to three developers. Early phase development plans include a total of up to 700 residential units; mixed-use, commercial office along the Highland Avenue frontage; a building integrated parking structure for Metro parking; and a pedestrian promenade between the Metro parking area and the Duarte/City of Hope Gold Line Station.

The Residences at Duarte Station includes the first two buildings proposed for early phase development:

Site Plans

Project Landscape Plans

Cross Sections

Perspectives: Building A

Perspectives: Building B