About the Plan

What is a Specific Plan?

A specific plan is a zoning and development tool that implements the City’s General Plan. The Duarte Station Specific Plan is a direct implementation measure of the Duarte General Plan, which called for a flexible mixed-use Specific Plan in this general area to foster transit-oriented development.



The 626 Golden Streets event temporarily opened stretches of roadway near Duarte Station for bikes, pedestrians, and fun. 

What is Transit-Oriented Development?


  • Increases “location efficiency” so that people can walk, bike, and take transit.
  • Boosts transit ridership and minimizes the impacts of traffic through access to site-adjacent transit.
  • Provides a mixture of land uses.
  • Provides value for the public and private sectors, and for both new and existing residents.
  • Creates a sense of community and of place.